ARTNATOMY/ARTNATOMIA is a spanish/english tool which has been featured on international contests and portals. / Una herramienta bilingüe que ha sido distinguida en concursos internacionales y reseñada en los portales más importantes del mundo.
DES.AR.ME. DES.AR.ME. (Desarrollo Artístico de los Medios) Studio of Animation, Games and Interactives

About CG specifity / A propósito de la especificidad de la infografía.

imageThose images are thirty years old... They were generated drawing on a computer: without any previous scanned material and with an ordinary 'mouse' (at the time they were created, graphic pens didn't exist). The tool is unimportant: the creation processes are very similar, whether oil, pencil or software. Computer can be a specific technique, a new creation and graphic reproduction medium, heir to continue and multiply a tradition of Engraving and Lithography. If Leonardo D. V. raise his head, he would be hooked to his computer, cheerfully "playing god" with tools including media, brushes, pencils, music and movement.

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If to such a playful possibility, we add the advantage of being easily reproducible and accessible (not just economically) for any bourgeois, the computer opens for creating a new door of revolutionary consequences: the real possibility of insurgency "I cook and I eat it". As always, different problem is "the use" that we do of the instrument: new tools challenge to making sense combining creation and technology, to produce quality art willing taking applications, utility; the goal should serve creative activity to recover the place and role in society (more natural, less sacralized) that narrow dichotomies and History "indigestion" snatch it.


Estas obras ya tienen treinta años...Fueron generadas dibujando (sin elementos previamente escaneados) con un 'ratón' convencional (en aquella época, áun no existian las tabletas gráficas) en un ordenador. El ordenador es una técnica específica más, un nuevo medio de creación y reproducción gráfica heredero de la tradición del Grabado y la Litografía. (Interview in spanish/Entrevista en español).

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